WiFi Calling

Stay connected with WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling lets you make and receive calls and texts over a WiFi connection instead of using the mobile network. It uses VoIP technology and is super handy when you find yourself in areas with poor mobile coverage but access to a strong WiFi connection.

It’s also great for avoiding roaming costs while travelling overseas. With WiFi Calling, calls and texts are treated as if you’re located in New Zealand. So you can keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues back home without connecting to an overseas network. Just remember, if you call or text a country other than NZ or Australia, international rates apply. This includes calls or texts sent within the overseas destination you’re in.

WiFi Calling Additional Terms apply.

Stay connected with WiFi Calling
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    Stay Connected

    Great connectivity in regions with poor network coverage but a strong WiFi connection.

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    No extra costs

    Call and text using your Endless Mobile Plan – even while travelling overseas. All you need is access to WiFi.

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    No Apps

    No apps to download and no login details to remember.

Frequent questions

What happens to emergency calls and alerts when WiFi calling is on?

Emergency calls will try to use mobile network coverage first, even if you are using WiFi calling. Only if there’s no mobile coverage will your phone use WiFi. 

  • If you are overseas and you have no mobile coverage, emergency calls over WiFi will fail.
  • If you’re using WiFi calling in an area without mobile coverage, you won’t receive any New Zealand Civil Defence emergency mobile alerts. 
  • If you’re using WiFi calling and your phone has mobile coverage, you will receive these alerts as usual.
What broadband bandwidth is needed for WiFi calling to work properly?

WiFi calling is very efficient and uses only around 100–120kbps.  The majority of broadband services should be easily capable of running WiFi calls.

WiFi calling uses only a small percentage of your broadband service.  

However, suppose all of your flatmates or family are simultaneously using WiFi on multiple devices for streaming videos or downloading big files.  In that case, it may result in a slight loss of voice quality of your call.

When using WiFi Calling, what happens when I enter or leave WiFi coverage?

If you're on an active WiFi call and leave your WiFi network/hotspot, the call will drop once the signal quality of the WiFi connection becomes too weak.

If you have an active mobile call as you move into a WiFi coverage area, your mobile call will remain active on the mobile network until it has finished. After this, your phone will switch over to WiFi calling. 

Corporate networks that have a lot of WiFi interference may cause calls to drop or text messages to fail to send.  This is especially noticeable if you're walking around the office or building while on an active WiFi call.

How secure is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling uses the same SIM-based authentication, so calls remain secure. There are no apps to download or passwords to remember. If you have a compatible device, simply enable WiFi Calling in your phone settings and then talk and text as normal.

How do you turn WiFi Calling on for iPhone and Samsung?

WiFi Calling only works on compatible devices.

  • On an iPhone, you’ll find WiFi Calling under Settings > Mobile > WiFi Calling.
  • For Samsung, go to Settings > Connections > WiFi Calling.