Solar buy-back

Generating excess electricity?

If your business generates its own electricity, we can pay you for the excess power you generate and ‘export’ to the national grid.

Our export buy-back rate is:

10 cents per kWh* (plus GST if you’re GST registered)

This export buy-back rate is available to small to medium size business electricity customers^ with network-approved generation equipment installed (solar, wind and micro-hydro) with a rated capacity of up to 50kW. If your generation equipment has an output capacity of greater than 50kW get in touch to discuss your options.

* Our Export buy-back rate excludes GST. If you’re GST registered, we’ll need your GST number (and you’ll need to update us if this changes). It is effective 1 May 2023 and is subject to change with 30 days’ notice.

^ Buy-back rates for large business Time of Use electricity customers are managed separately. Eligibility criteria & T&Cs apply. Contact our team to discuss your options.

Generating excess electricity?
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