EV Charging

Driving a smarter future

Electric vehicles get us pretty charged up.

We’re committed to accelerating the switch to electric vehicles by delivering leading EV charging services for drivers, households, and businesses.

There are many benefits to going electric, for you, and for the planet. Whether you already own an EV or are considering buying one, we can help you with your journey.

Thinking about getting an EV? You’re not alone. They offer heaps of benefits. Find out more about the different types of EVs and why they are becoming more popular here.

Want to find out more about smart EV charging? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re your one-stop EV charging shop!

We offer our customers the ability to install a range of Wallbox smart EV chargers with up to 12 months to pay it off on their account.

Driving a smarter future
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    Understanding EV

    Introduction to EV types, charging options and difference between AC and DC chargers. 

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    Home EV Chargers

    We now offer Wallbox EV charger - the Pulsar Max. 

Frequent questions

Can you help advise what EV charger is right for me?

Yes, our team would love to help. Get in touch by calling us on 07 306 2700 (or 0800 668 236)  (press option 6) or send us an email.


Do I need to re-wire my home or business before I get an EV installed?

That all depends on what you are looking to do. Let our expert team know and they will advise you on whether any upgrades are needed. If needed, we can send out one of our approved Wallbox installers to assess your home or workplace before you do anything as well.


How much does charging an electric vehicle cost to charge?

That all depends on your home or business pricing and how much charge your vehicle needs. However, generally speaking, the cost of charging an EV is about the same as paying 30 - 50c per litre for petrol.

For more info on charging costs visit the Gen Less website.


Should I charge my EV to 100%?

There is no need to charge to 100%, unless you need to rely on the entire driving range of the vehicle. Staying between 20% and 80% battery capacity will leave you with plenty of driving miles and be gentle on the battery.


Will the Wallbox EV Charger be able to charge my EV?

Yes. Wallbox Chargers are compatible with every EV available in the market from passenger cars right up to heavy trucks.

Let us know what model EV you have and we’ll know which plug type you need on your charger.


How long does it take to charge an electric car?

The time it takes to charge will varies. It depends on the size of the battery, how it’s being charged (e.g., from a normal socket or using a dedicated AC charger) and whether you have any other appliances on at the same time.

Generally speaking, a mid-size EV (with a 60kWh battery) will takes around 23 hours to charge from 20% to 80% from a normal 8amp socket, and 6 hours using a 7.4 kW smart EV charger.


What is Smart Charging?

Smart charging is term that is often thrown around with lots of meaning, but the key functionality with smart charging is control.

  • Ability to set up scheduled charging
  • Give you the option to charge multiple EVs at the same house
  • Control so that all EV charging is done in a way that ensures you don't overload your house or the grid.

Once set up, a smart charger will do all of the above without any of your time being taken up. All you have to do is plug in and the charger will do the rest.