Renewable, reliable energy - for today, and for the future.

Here at Nova we’re committed to providing renewable and reliable energy for today, tomorrow, and into the future.

We’re on a mission to become a leading solar power generator. Nova already owns and operates a 2 MW solar power plant and we are working on plans to build a 400MW solar plant in the central North Island.

We also operate two fast-start power plants. Both play an important role in providing reliable electricity generation for when more power is needed, or when other sources of electricity generation are not operating.

As New Zealand transitions to a low emissions future, we plan to play a key role in delivering sustainable energy generation solutions. We are also proud to be a part of Powering Change, a collective commitment to a more sustainable future for NZ.

To find out more visit the Powering Change website

Renewable, reliable energy - for today, and for the future.

Solar generation

Kapuni Solar Power Plant

Our 2MW solar power plant located in Taranaki has been in operation since 2021.

The experience and knowledge gained during this project is now being applied to our next solar project.

Rangitāiki Solar Power Plant

Nova has applied for resource consent to build a 400MW solar power plant 35km southeast of Taupo. When completed it will have capacity to power around 100,000 homes.

Our approach is to work alongside the Rangitāiki and Taupō communities with this significant generation project. The new plant is proposed to be built in three stages and will create hundreds of jobs during the construction period.

Solar generation

Fast-start generation

Nova operates two fast-start, natural gas power plants. Both plants play an important role in supporting New Zealand’s security of electricity supply. This is especially important during peak demand periods when more power is needed or when other sources of electricity generation are not operating. 

Junction Road Power Plant

Our Junction Road Power Plant, located near New Plymouth in Taranaki was commissioned in 2020. This plant can reach a full generation capacity of 100MW within 15 minutes.

McKee Power Plant

The McKee Power Plant, also in Taranaki, has been operating since 2012. The 100MW plant provides fast start generation capability and has the capacity to power up to 70,000 Kiwi homes. 


Click below to download Nova Thermal Disclosure 

Nova Energy - Thermal fuel disclosure - 30 April 2024pdf | 142 kB

Fast-start generation
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